About Me

I’m an artist, art teacher, and blogger living and working in Palos Park, Illinois. My artistic journey has culminated into Flash Bugs Studio, an inspirational art space for children designed to cultivate creativity and foster a true love of art and expression.  In an inspired space filled with music and happy buzzing children, I love to encourage children to use their hands and hearts to create art sourced from their own creativity.  As they explore and manipulate materials, build skills, find their own errors and envision their own solutions, the child’s inner artist emerges.  Whether painting, cutting, building or drawing, kids use their own genuine creativity to make art that is genuine to them.

My art niche has evolved from studying and creating art in Italy as an art student, to receiving a Masters of Arts Education where I currently teach as a part time elementary art teacher. I am a married mom of two awesome children and strive daily to create harmony and creativity in my own home.