Creative human interview with Marina Gallovitch

Creative Human Interview by Craftwhack

Throughout college, I loved watching The Oprah Winfrey Show. I admired how Oprah made her subjects feel safe while getting to the nitty-gritty of their lives. As a viewer, I felt  intense empathy and vulnerability with each subject. I drank in the drama of everyday human emotions that made it relatable to my life. Sometimes, I imagined myself in Oprah’s hot seat, and I visualized what I would share or not share. I guess it was just a dorky way to get out of studying for exams. But in all seriousness, what if you were interviewed? How much of your life would you share? 


I recently experienced my first interview by a super sweet blogger friend, Jeanette Nyberg from Craftwhack. Jeanette and I met over a year ago via social media. She’s the type of friend you can meet for coffee and tell her anything that’s on your mind.  When she approached me for this interview, I didn’t hesitate.  I felt super comfortable telling her readers (and now my readers) who I am, and why I love creativity.  

If you are curious to learn more about me, my vulnerabilities, and why I love creativity, read the interview, here.


 This series also includes interviews with amazing creative entrepreneurs, Meri Cheri ( Meri Cheri Blog), Asia Citro (Fun At Home With Kids), and Jean Van’t Hul (The Artful Parent).  Check them out! 


Creative human interview with Marina Gallovitch

Marina Gallovitch

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