Easy Emoji DIY Ornament Craft For Kids

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Let’s face it, emojis are everywhere, on phones, apps, and social media. They have become a way for kids and teens to communicate. If you haven’t jumped on the emoji bandwagon, let me show you this easy emoji DIY ornament craft you can make with your kids.

As a parent and art teacher, it’s important for me to find arts and crafts that promote communication with kids. Children often shut down when they feel misunderstood, not heard, or lack self-esteem. Making this emoji craft with kids of all ages is a great way to keep the lines of communication open and have fun.


This holiday season, make this easy DIY emoji craft for kids.






Step 1

Roll out the air dry clay to 1/4″ thickness, then stamp with the emoji cookie cutter.



Step 2

Remove any excess clay, use a damp round sponge to smooth edges, and then make a hole with a straw.




Step 3

Paint the emoji ornaments yellow. Let dry, and then add details with a black and red Sharpie.


This DIY Emoji Craft Ornament is a fun way to connect with friends and family. I hope you try it!



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