How to host a fun playdate with boys by making recycled sculptures.

How To Host A Fun Art Playdate For Boys

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There are some days when life feels completely nutty. You know, that week when there’s a Halloween Party at school, trick-or-treating, two days of work, afterschool activities, and throw in a half-day of school in the mix. It was enough to make my head burst! But, the week ended on an up note. I hosted a really fun art playdate for my rambunctious son and his friends. 



It’s not easy to make art with my son. Most days, he loves to doodle in his journal, play with LEGO, or just watch TV. He runs away from any sort of structured art activity. 

How To Host A Fun Art Playdate For Boys

Last Friday, the kids had a half-day of school. We invited two boys to come over for a playdate. Initially, I hadn’t planned an activity for them. It was a beautiful day, so I thought they could just play outside. Instead, I set up a super easy recycled sculpture project in the garage studio.




  1. Precut the white tubes into various lengths with a utility knife.
  2. Arrange the materials on a table and use an old mat or piece of construction paper to catch any pieces of hot glue.
  3. Encourage the kids to set up a base and build up. 
  4. Make sure the kids don’t touch the metal end of the low temp hot glue gun. They won’t burn themselves, but it’s still hot. Please use caution and supervise children when using a low temp glue gun.





Questions To Ask

  1. How can you make the sculpture stable?
  2. What would happen if you don’t make the structure stable?
  3. How high do you want to make your sculpture?


The boys were totally excited to use hot glue guns for these sculptures. The only frustration was that the hot glue was a bit stringy. In the end, the kids felt successful. They also enjoyed the freedom of their creative process.

If you have question or comments about this project, please leave a message below.

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