Mixed media art with kids emphasizing lines as an element of art.

Mixed Media With Kids: Adorable Line Rugs

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Mixed media is a great way to introduce kids to various materials and their specific uses. 


Today, kids are constantly distracted. They are always on their electronic devices, watching T.V. and they don’t get enough play time.


Moreover, kids also lack basic fine motor skills that are important for everyday tasks (such as cutting with scissors and tying shoes). 


As an elementary art teacher, I see these problems every day in my classroom! My first graders have a hard time squeezing glue, holding scissors, and cutting a straight line. 


I created this mixed media line rug project to help first graders explore various materials, help develop fine motor skills and learn about various types of lines.


Mixed media art with kids emphasizing lines as an element of art.


Mixed Media Line Rugs With First Graders





My first graders come to my art room for 40 minutes each week. We completed this mixed media line rug project in five weeks. If you are a parent or caregiver, this project could be completed within a few days. This is a great project for kids ages five and above.


Week 1

I introduced my first graders to the book, Lines That Wiggle, by Candace Whitman. We discussed how lines can turn into various shapes and can turn into closed and open shapes. 



Next, I had the children identify various lines they already knew. In the meantime, I drew those lines on a piece of foam core. We came up with a whole list and even invented some of our own lines.  (The diamond line is my favorite)!



Finally, the children were given 12″x12″ construction paper and markers. They were encouraged to fill their paper with the various lines we discussed. The kids referenced the poster if they were confused or couldn’t think of any lines.


Week 2

We added tempera paint lines. The kids were encouraged to paint in between their marker lines.


Mixed media art with kids emphasizing lines as an element of art.


Week 3

We added oil crayon lines. The kids were able to draw more lines with oil crayons or color in any areas not covered by paint or markers.


Mixed media art with kids emphasizing lines as an element of art.


Week 4

We added yarn lines with Elmer’s glue. This step was challenging for kids who had fine motor issues. They needed to squeeze the glue to make a line, then add the yarn on top of the glue. Some kids really took their time, while others rushed through and created line blobs. No matter the process, this activity was great practice to strength those little muscles. 



Week 5

The final step was to punch holes all across the bottom edge approximately one inch apart. Then I precut strips of yarn about 12″ long. Next, I demonstrated how to tie a knot in each of the holes. Some children were capable of tying a knot and some weren’t. Either way, it was great practice. 



If your child or your students need more fine motor practice, this mixed media line project is a fun and colorful project to try!


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Marina Gallovitch


  • Kreanimo

    13.01.2017 at 07:11 Reply

    So cool!

    I think the kids at home would love this!
    Even thinking about adapting it to use in my class (middle school art)

    • Marina Gallovitch

      19.01.2017 at 09:40 Reply

      That sounds awesome! I would love to see this adapted for middle school art! Keep me posted if you try it.

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