Easy art and drawing games to try with kids.

An Absolutely Awesome Art Game for Creative Thinkers

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Do you or your kids ooze creative thinking, but everyone is in a creative rut? You enjoy doodling, but you’re a little apprehensive about drawing. Maybe you don’t know where to start?

Enter my awesome friend Jeanette Nyberg, from Craftwhack. She has written, Tangle Art & Drawing Games For Kids. I received a copy of this book, and every page brought a huge smile to my face. Jeanette has a keen way of making art fun, silly, and applicable to your everyday life.

Tangle Art & Drawing Games For Kidsincludes 46 easy games for kids (and adults) of all ages. 

I decided to try the Kaleidoscope Circles with all of my students. This is a super cute art game from the Mixed Media Chapter.  

Easy art and drawing games to try with kids.

Art Game With Kids- Kaleidoscope Circles

Most of my little students range from ages 4-7 years old. I’m always looking for fun projects that cater to various age levels so that I don’t need to do too much tweaking. 

This Kaleidoscope Circles art game, teaches kids to create a colorful artwork, like a kaleidoscope, while learning to draw overlapping shapes.

Easy art and drawing games to try with kids.

  • 12″x18″ white piece of construction paper
  • a round template (large yogurt cap)
  • a black marker
  • watercolor paints
Easy art and drawing games to try with kids.


First, the kids traced circles using their circle template and a black marker. We talked about overlapping the circles to create shapes inside of shapes.

Next, the kids painted inside the black outlined shapes with watercolor paints.

Easy art and drawing games to try with kids.


Finally, display the artwork on a wall and admire the collection of colorful kaleidoscopes.

flash-bugs-studio-kaleidoscope-circles (1 of 5)

All of the projects in Tangle Art & Drawing Games For Kids only require markers, paper, and crayons. These are materials easily found in most homes.

If you enjoy silly and creative games,Tangle Art & Drawing Games For Kids is the perfect book for you. Check it out!









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