How To Transform Your Garage Into An Amazing Kids' Art Space

How to Transform Your Garage Into An Awesome Art Space

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Today, I’d like to share how we transformed our garage into an awesome art space.

Sometimes it’s hard to create a dedicated art space inside the home. Maybe there’s no room, no access to a water source, or maybe you feel nervous about the kids making a mess inside the house? Yet, you want to keep the kids interested in art.

When I decided to teach private art lessons, a year and a half ago, I decided to transform our brand new three car garage into a really cool art space. 


Luckily, there’s radiant heat to keep us warm during the super cold Chicago winters. We also keep the garage door open in the summer. It’s a win-win situation. 


Transform Your Garage Into An Awesome Art Space

How To Transform Your Garage Into An Amazing Kids' Art Space


This is a bright airy space with a big picture window that lets in some amazing natural light. It’s the perfect space to get inspired!

Since this is a three car garage, I use the big section as the art studio. The single car section is where we store our typical garage items. A curtain sections off the single car space and children are not allowed back there. 

How To Organize The Art Space

I’ve separated the garage art space into five different zones.

 1. The Seating Area.

I use adjustable folding tables and sturdy stackable chairs in the middle of the space. I can raise or lower these tables depending if I am teaching little kids or big kids. They are fantastic!  I can also fold the tables and stack the chairs if I need to pull my car in the garage.

2. The Work Station.

Here, I lay out materials that I need to prep for each project. For example, this is where I have my paper-cutter, all my big cardboard pieces, and the file cabinet to store my students’ work.

How To Transform Your Garage Into An Amazing Kids' Art Space


3. The Storage Area and Drying Rack

This is where I store all of our art materials such as construction paper, newspaper, glue, crayons, and small notions. I also dry stick wet paintings on the wall mounted drying rack.

This is also where my husband insists on keeping the TV and stereo. In his defense, we did watch a basketball game in here last week. 

How To Transform Your Garage Into An Amazing Kids' Art Space


4. The Play Area

This is our play area with a mat and IKEA organizing system. Children may access everything in these bins. Here, I store magnet tiles, LEGO Duplos, pipe cleaners, mirrors, scrap paper, etc. This is also where I set up invitations to create, sensory bins, or an activity to try after they finish a project.

How To Transform Your Garage Into An Amazing Kids' Art Space

5. The Garage Door

Finally, we use the garage door as a place to hang artwork with magnets or create amazing collages with various materials.

In this photo, we made the collage banners  with bubble wrap painting, heart stamps, glued on tissue paper, and glued on felt scraps. Every week we added a new material. 

How To Transform Your Garage Into An Amazing Kids' Art Space


This garage art space is constantly evolving to suit our needs. Some days, we have bikes, yard toys, and gardening supplies strewn over every surface. Other days, my children and their friends buzz about creating wonderful masterpieces. 

In the end, this is a carefully crafted space. It’s a place for our family and friends to create and share wonderful memories. 

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If you have thought about transforming your garage into an art space, leave a comment below! 


Marina Gallovitch


  • Thea Scott

    05.05.2016 at 13:23 Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! My girls head off to Kindergarten in the Fall! And I am trying to figure out my future!! We live in a 1 bedroom in Astoria NY….. Thinking of teaching art in my dining area!! So gathering as much info as I can! Thanks again for sharing!! Take care, Thea

    • Marina Gallovitch

      13.05.2016 at 13:31 Reply

      Hey Thea! Teaching art from your dining room is certainly possible with some planning.

  • Megan @ The Art Pantry

    13.06.2016 at 13:28 Reply

    Genius idea to use the garage door as a magnetic display!

  • Jessica Richter

    26.08.2016 at 13:03 Reply

    I love how you’ve transformed your garage. I only have a one car garage so I’m putting some of our regular things to store in a Tuff Shed outside of the garage (in California… no snow!). What fabric and hardware did you use to hang the curtain between spaces? I’d love to do that!

    • Marina Gallovitch

      04.09.2016 at 11:49 Reply

      Hi Jessica,
      My husband works for an event company, so it’s basically whatever he uses for professional booths. I can ask him the exact terminology and email you back. You’re so lucky you live in Califonia, you can do many creative things outdoors! Good luck with your transformation. xoxo

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